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Which Drug Testing Process is More Effective

Which Drug Testing Process Is More Effective at Finding Illegal Drugs? Quest Diagnostics has issued their Drug Testing Index of over 3.4 million drug tests for the first six months of 2012. There are interesting results in the analysis that impact how you can find illegal drug users. Why should you care? Well, illegal drug users cost your firm an average of more than $10,000 per year more than non-illegal drug users according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Illegal drug users are three times more likely to use your health insurance program, four times more likely to have an accident and 5 times more likely to file a worker compensation claim.
Pre-employment positives are up for both urine and oral-fluid specimens. Urine specimens show a 16% increase. Oral fluid specimens show a 6% increase.
And another finding is that oral fluid positives for pre-employment are at 5.1% while urine positives are at 3.7%.
Why you ask? Well, oral fluid does not give the donor time to …

A Ounce of Prevention Equals a Pound of Cure

When To Perform Background Investigation
This article intends to highlight the drawback of performing the background investigation after the employment offer has been issued and accepted by the applicant.
The objective of doing a background investigation is not necessarily to discover who to hire but rather who not to hire because of information discovered during the background investigation. This discovery may reveal that the applicant didn’t have the credentials alleged on the application or has exhibited unacceptable dangerous behavior in the past or both.
A decision to do a background investigation is most likely done when you, as the employer, have a candidate to whom you would like to extend an employment offer. An employer can perform a background investigation on the individual during various stages during the hiring process. The major alternatives are either before the offer is extended or after the offer is extended to the individual.
NEWS FLASH!! Up to 8% of people in the …