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The pluses and pitfalls of background checks in the automotive field

January 14, 2019 12:00 AM The pluses and pitfalls of background checks Retailers must navigate various federal and state regs, experts say Anisa Jibrell Tweet Share Share Email Print AUTOMOTIVE NEWS ILLUSTRATION Especially for jobs involving handling money and customer information, background checks can be valuable, a dealership group official says. A decade ago when Scottsdale, Ariz., police uncovered a local fraud ring, they learned that breached information came from an unexpected source: an auto dealership finance manager. A background check likely would have paid off for the dealership, Henry Brown Buick-GMC-Pontiac in suburban Gilbert. But even though background checks may seem like an obvious way to protect dealerships from hiring untrustworthy employees, some dealerships don't use them. And dealerships that do rely on background checks must navigate a complex w
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Is your company running background checks and protecting the business and its’ employees?

This crime in the workplace is costing U S businesses $50 billion a year! Elaine Pofeldt There is a hidden risk facing businesses across the country that often goes unnoticed until it suddenly rips through a firm’s finances: employee theft. It’s  a crime that is costing U.S. businesses $50 billion annually , according to Statistic Brain.   Is your company running background checks and protecting the business and its’ employees?   Secure Employment Group (SEG) can help. Matt Ham has had two run-ins with thefts by employees at his small business,  Computer Repair Doctor , which has eight stores in Florida, Ohio and South Carolina, which collectively totals 30 employees. At a store in Florida, two employees were caught stealing parts from inventory and skimming cash about a year and a half ago, he said. After a thorough investigation, Ham sat them down with his attorney and they came up with a plan for restitution. Both employees had to pay ba

An uptick in Hiring, Importance of Background Screening

An uptick in Hiring, Importance of Background Screening -KG April 9, 2015 Although some states have changed their laws around medical and recreational marijuana use, more than half of 3,119 HR professionals surveyed said their organizations do not accommodate marijuana use in the workplace or plan to do so in the next year. That is among the findings of HR 2015 Employee Background Screening Benchmark Report, conducted in October and November 2014 with HR professionals responsible for employment screening and recruiting. “This is going to be one of the hottest topics of the year in terms of background screening: drug screening,” said Rachel Trindade, vice president of marketing at HR, a provider of employment background checks, drug and health screenings, and Form I-9 employment verification. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized the possession of marijuana for medical use, and four states and the District of Columbia have legaliz

4 Significant Risks Your Company Takes When Background Check Are Not a Part of Your Hiring Process

4 Significant Risks Your Company Takes When Background Check Are Not a Part of Your Hiring Process Talent acquisition and talent management both require a huge investment of time and resources, so it makes sense to do your due diligence before bringing a new hire on board. First and foremost? Make sure that the person is exactly who they are claiming to be. This includes confirming what’s stated on résumés—from education to work experience to certifications and awards—as well as verifying the criminal history of the individual. Doing so will reveal any red flags that could potentially affect trust, safety, and your company’s bottom line. But if you don’t confirm how a person is representing themselves, and make a poorly-informed hiring decision as a result, it could be incredibly costly to your company—in more ways than one. According to Fast Company, one-quarter of companies surveyed estimated that a bad hire cost them at least $50,000 in the past year. A bad hire results in l

Why Drug Testing is Important?

Why Drug Testing Is Important September 28, 2015 TDT Although many aspects of society are harmed by illicit drug use and abuse, it is especially detrimental in the workplace. Not only can it lower the productivity and revenue of a business, but it can also place employees at risk. In fact, depending on the line of work, the drug abuse of an employee could have fatal consequences. Luckily, employers these days are able to test for illicit drug use and implement strategies to pursue drug-free workplaces. Today we’re discussing why drug testing is important and how to employ it effectively. Why Drug Testing Is Important Safety. Drug use can impair a person’s judgment and increase safety risks. This is especially concerning in certain industries, such as construction, in which using drugs or alcohol at work could cause an injury or even a fatality. As employee drug abuse causes as much as 50% of all on-the-job accidents (source), this is not a matter to be taken

The Importance of Background Checks for Companies

The Importance of Background Checks for Companies BY  SAMANTHA ACUNA  - on March 14, 2018 In order to protect the company from various potential risks, a  background check  is considered an imperative pre-employment screening step before making a hiring decision. Most of the times, companies assume that the applicants are telling the truth on their resumes. Most of the times, applicants are honest but there are few areas where they can hide the truth from you. To ensure that your company is hiring the right person, a background check needs to take place. What is a Background Check? It is a comprehensive review of a person or any other organization’s commercial records, financial records and most important of all, criminal records. A background check can include education, employment, credit history, criminal records, license record, etc. There are various background check services providers that can get you all the information on your current or future